About The Global Health Users Guide.

Locating the Electronic Copy of the Users Guide

This guide can be found using the following web address: https://gh-usersguide.usaid.gov

Assistance with acronyms can be found Acronyms

Who to Contact for Additional Information on the Users Guide:

Please contact Sandra Zolotor (szolotor@usaid.gov ) in the Bureau for Global Health for additional information on the User's Guide.

Please contact Jason Wucinski (jwucinski@usaid.gov) in the Bureau for Global Health for additional technical support for the User's Guide.

Accessing the Services in the Global Health Programs

This Users Guide includes the preferred method for USAID operating units to access the awards described in the Project Directory.

Most projects that show "Field Support" as the preferred method of access may also be accessed using Operating Year Budget (OYB) transfers. This alternate method generally is available to provide additional, flexible ways that accommodate unique or unusual Mission circumstances. For further information about these alternatives, kindly contact the respective project COR/AORs.

Two types of awards that are especially designed for field mission use are Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IDC), Indefinite Quantity (IQIQ) and Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreements (LWA). Both methods are designed to provide quick and simple access to technical services in health by providing an "umbrella" of pre-selected sets of contractors or recipients of cooperating agreements. Under both mechanisms, missions initiate and manage the awards. Missions should contact the project COR/AORs for assistance in initiating task orders under IQCs or for negotiating associate awards under LWAs. For general information on IDIQs and LWAs, please visit the Global Health intranet section for field missions.

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